Welcome to our Language Page. Language time used to be known as ELD which stood for English Language Development and typically meant you were learning how to speak English. You teachers at Mountain Vista had an Ah-Ha moment and decided ALL of our students can use some help developing their Language Levels. Now all students reguardless of their homelanguage are placed into systematic language classes based on each individuals needs. In kids speak: all students will be learning how to speak with the correctly and with acadameic vocabulary. We will no longer be accepting slang or incomplete sentences as answers!

Language Discussion:


Describing nouns in the Oil Spill using smilie.

_ is as _ as a _.
_ is like a .

Be creative! Use the THESAURUS and DICTIONARY! Use adverbs and adjectives that you are not used to using!

BP Oil Spill Follow up

BP Oil Spill at Ranger Rick Website

The week before we went on break we were researching the BP Oil Spill in the Gulf. Look back over your notes for 1 minute.

Warm up:
With your table partner share your thoughts and "wow!" facts that stood out to you the most. You will have 2 minutes to discuss. Be prepared to
paraphrase__ using The Language of the Discipline Chart.

This weeks LANGUAGE OBJECTIVE: You will be able to describe the gulf environment and physical attributes using sensory details and smilies.


Use the sensory matrix to describe the pictures of the gulf and oil spill provided. Use the enriched vocabulary that you have become familiar to! (As always, you may use a THESAURUS and DICTIONARY!!!)

Yesterday we briefly discussed how technology is affecting children's brain development. (Thank you Ariana for bring it up!) Today we are going to extend the discussion to the latest technology.

The Ipad

Ipad Page

My question for you:
Do you think we should purchase Ipads for our classrooms instead of computers, if we had the money?

Use your T chart to create a list of for purchasing ipads and against purchasing ipads. I expect every student to think of at least 4 reasons for it AND against it.

In 5 minutes we will share our ideas using the Sharing Opinion Statement frames, also known as Individual Reporting Statements.